1872 Photographs of 2015

Ildikó Buckley

In this series Buckley shot a roll of 36 exposure analogue film every week for one year; her aim to produce a visual record of 12 months in her life. Turning her camera to record the minutiae and beauty present within the everyday, chance found still-lifes, decaying flowers, landscapes and holidays weave together to create an intimate portrait.

By waiting a further year before processing each film she established a deliberate distance in the work between the actions of capturing an image and seeing it compared to our current instantaneous hyper speed digital world.

Buckley elevates often overlooked everyday detritus generating a revealing collection of images whilst charting the inevitable passing of time. This documentary piece an investigation of how we archive and present ourselves as individuals against the ever more highly curated worlds of social media.

Creating a year in analogue retrospect and exploring how its often the everyday things surrounding us left unrecorded that tell us the most.

Artist biography

Ildikó Buckley received her MA from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and has been a recipient of The Whitechapel Gallery East End Academy Studio Prize.

Buckley has received commissions from and exhibited with The Mayor of London's Thames Festival, The Secret Garden Party, The Arts Gallery, OVADA, Kenny Schachter / ROVE Gallery, The National Trust and The Courtauld Institute, London. She has shown at art fairs in both Germany and Hong Kong and in 2018 appeared in the book The Word is Art by Dr. Michael Petry published internationally by Thames&Hudson.

Her work is held in public and private collections internationally.