And Then We Danced

Rob Macdonald

This is one third of the group show titled 3D - with fellow photographers Nick Ford and Michael Stone.

This new series for Brighton Photo Fringe 2020 offers tensions and connections between disparate images, brought together in one group. Fragments of words and images are glimpsed in ripped posters – prompting associations and juxtapositions. The political shares space with the commercial in the democracy of the overlapping posters on streets around the world. I have always been drawn to the possibility for suggestion or confusion of ideas that dances in the gap between one image and another.

Artist biography

I have exhibited in Brighon Photo Fringe 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010 and 2008 as well as in East London Photomonth and the Royal Scottish Academy.

My photographic practice explores the delicate balance between presence and absence in the detail of the urban environment. There are definite echoes of Painting in my approach to Photography and I am inspired by the layering of Rauschenberg, the geometry of Callum Innes and the bold, flat colours of the Scottish Colourists. In evolving my own visual language I inhabit the space between making a picture and capturing an image.


Nick Ford Photography
19 Oxford Street

2–30 October

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