Mark Monk-Terry

Breathe - this project started to develop in 2018 when I developed several respiratory issues. At the time, I was photographing and working in woodlands and I began to wonder if there was any connection between my health and the general miasma of dust, microbes and plant spores in these habitats. Contemplating these invisible elements and inspired by the textures of old printing techniques, I began to experiment on the dry plates I was taking. Layers of texture were created by allowing salts to evaporate on the plates and occasionally adding fungal spores. I attempted to grow spores directly onto plates and in petrie dishes but this was problematic so I added layers of tree, flower and grass pollen in Photoshop, sometimes alongside fungal spores. These layers are intended to create the miasma that might pervade these woodland sites and also to allow me to further explore the causes of respiratory issues including bacteria, viruses and environmental factors.

Artist biography

I enjoy working on long term projects based in the landscape and often focus on the history and narrative of individual places - I research areas thoroughly and then look for the subtle signs of human interaction within these places and with the natural world. Walking with a camera, returning to favoured locations and observing change over time is an important part of my work. Alongside my photographic work, I also work in nature conservation which helps inform and inspire my photography.