Ghost in the Machine

Casey Moore

This series was created from more than 7000 photographs taken during the COVID lockdown 2020.

Each image is a blend of around 200 photographs fed into focus stacking software used in scientific and macro imaging. The outcome, composition and colour balance is unknown until the algorithm outputs the stack.

The title of each work is the precise time that the process was completed.

I remain optimistic that the future of AI will contain a kernel (ghost) of humanity and there will continue to be a beauty in the collaboration between us and the machines.

Artist biography

Moore is a New Zeland born, UK-based photographer.

Using a combination of traditional, analogue methods and digital imaging Moore makes large hand prints in his darkroom in East Sussex, England.

Prints can take days to finalise and they leave the darkroom carrying with them some of the physicality and alchemy required to produce them.