Contact Modalities, Situational Based Research

Alice Campos

A collection of on-going experimental research into contact modalities, working with light, etheric medium and observation. What remains on the thin plastic glistening sheet negatives is yielded new data, knowledge and an insight into the nature of reality, energy and consciousness. Specially selected and curated, these photographs were shot during a series of timed, situational scenarios, hypnosis and occult rituals. The collection comprises of 35mm photographs, photograms, lumen prints, chemigrams, bleaching, hand tinting and digital acetate enhancement.

Artist biography

Alice Campos is a 22 year old British artist from Suffolk, currently based in South East London. Graduating from Goldsmiths University in 2019 Campos has a First Class Degree in BA Fine Art, her work spans the disciplines of Lens, Audio, Collage and Sculpture collected and moulded in the forms of immaterial and material based research. These are then all gathered within an installation of proof, created on primary subjective instinct, perception and site specifics. Campos is currently represented by Open Doors Gallery, a platform for emerging and established photographers and working out of Bright Rooms, Peckham Levels Darkroom.