Giulia Parlato

Diachronicles is an examination of the historical space, regarded as a fictional container where an apparent collection of evidences opens up to the fantastic. In this space, the attempt to reconstruct the past falls into phantasmal gaps, where things are generated, used, buried,
unearthed, transported, and relocated.
This nomadic and fragmentary nature of what has been left behind, reveals how the movement,
transfiguration, and misinterpretation of objects shape historiography and ultimately, the real.
In the impossible search of academic legitimation, the viewer is invited into a world where the factual and the fake overlap. The work addresses the leading role archaeology and the museum space play in a historical narrative, using the human body to suggest scale and as a means to
display objects.
Furthermore, Diachronicles digs into a parallel history, filled with poetic figures to encode,
nonexistent artefacts and forgeries hidden in museums basements.

Artist biography

Giulia Parlato (b.1993) is an Italian artist based in London and Palermo.
She graduated from the BA(Hons) Photography at London College of Communication in 2016 and from the MA Photography at the Royal College of Arts in 2019.
Working with photography and moving image, her practice focuses on history, myths, and object-hood. She analyses the historical use of photography as a document of truth, specifically in its scientific and forensic uses, and attempts to challenge this language, by creating a new space in which fake histories take place. Giulia’s work is shown nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions.