DIY Swimming Home

Silvia Mercuriali

DIY Swimming Home is a project born alongside the homonymous interactive theatre show Swimming Home: a piece for people to experience in their own bathroom, part of Silvia Mercuriali Autoteatro projects. The piece accompanies the audience back into the pools through different stages, your bathroom, your swimming lane and a viewing gallery.

DIY SH is about the relationship we have with water and its ability to connect us all. Born almost by chance during lockdown, the artist has invited people to send a picture of themselves as if swimming in their own home.

The pool becomes just a state of mind, an openness to floating, waiting and just being, undefined, unclassified. Even when confined in our own homes water still connects us all 'through the pipes, under your floor, up and down stairs, around the bends, into Hollywood's private pools and then finally home'.

This project will keep expanding and growing as people submit new pictures.

If you would like to be part of the project please e-mail your picture to

Artist biography

Silvia Mercuriali is an internationally acclaimed theatre maker and artist from Milan and based in London since 2000. She is best known as one of the pioneers of the strategy of AUTOTEATRO, which she developed for the show Etiquette in 2007 with Ant Hampton under the name of rotozaza.

Silvia has experimented with this new strategy applying it, stretching it and moulding it to different technologies and in different contexts constantly inviting audiences to question what is real and what is not.

Silvia's work transforms the world through sound, mixing reality and fiction to highlight the poetry that exists all around us.