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Home and Away Collective

Grief and loss echo through all four projects. From the direct effects of Covid in ‘Locked down: then venturing out’ (Rosy Martin in collaboration with Verity Welstead ) and ‘Do you remember when we used to go to gigs?’ (Julia Biro) which explore the impact upon the individual of isolation, loss of social life and taken for granted pleasures. ‘Break’ (Yolanda Crisp) and ‘Nest – time to
go’ (Verity Welstead in collaboration with Rosy Martin) both map the ends of long- term relationships, through endings, abandonment and in ‘Nest’ the need for teenagers to leave home. Yet personal strength, resilience and defiance resound through all four projects.

Artist biography

Home and Away consists of four women photographers: Julia Biro, Yolanda Crisp, Rosy Martin, Verity Welstead.

Whilst sharing their ideas, thoughts and feelings about the current Covid crisis and their ongoing projects through zoom a synchronicity emerged: all their work explores, confronts and makes visible responses to life-changing events. Their emotional honesty prompts empathy with the audience.


Photo Fringe Collectives Hub
Phoenix Art Space
Waterloo Place

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2 October–1 November

Thursday 13:00–17:00
Friday 13:00–17:00
Saturday 13:00–17:00
Sunday 13:00–17:00