Torz Dallison

In a year when so many rites of passage were cancelled due to COVID, ‘Eleven’ marks the transition in life of children as they move from primary to secondary school.

During the last days of summer, the portraits were taken in the domestic setting of their gardens or local park using a large format camera.

Artist biography

Torz Dallison is a fine art photographer & darkroom printer.

She spent several years in NYC working as a documentary & street photographer. Shoots were high energy & fast paced much like the city itself.

In 2018, during her photography MA at Brighton Uni, Torz reignited her love of analogue processes & darkroom techniques. She began to fully appreciate the quality of working in a slower & more considered pace favoring a large format camera.

There is a distinct difference in taking pictures & making pictures. Torz sees herself as a maker, with each stage of the image making process reflected in the final product of the hand print.