Eleven and Eighteen

John Hughes

Experimental photography of rubber bands found on the street

Rubber bands found on pavements in my neighbourhood during lockdown exercise walks, presumed discarded by Royal Mail postmen and postwomen.
I find my eye lingers on these shapes, seeking to complete the loop. I see these objets trouvés as a visual representation of life’s circles.

Artist biography

I use photography to show something about where I’ve been or people whom I’ve met. As well as trying to see the beauty in a scene or situation, I’m also trying to convey ideas and feelings. My photography is about me and what I do, who I meet and where I go. All my photography aims to be contemporary and creative. I’m resistant to being fitted in to a taxonomy by categorisation such as “travel” or “conceptual” or “nature”. All image-making is political simply by the act of selection and hence exclusion but I am not campaigning for any particular point of view, except to try to see the positives and to live life to the full.