In Suspension

Catherine Jacobs

“Once you know you don’t know, you can begin to explore” Elizabeth Fisher. Brought together especially for Take/Make during 2020’s ever uncertain, pandemic months, In Suspension is a collection of staged, photographic landscapes seeking to offer a positive and playful stance to the state of not knowing. Created in the studio just for the camera from small sculptures of household materials, these non-manipulated artworks are a body of floating, drifting indeterminate worlds hinting at the sublime.

In Suspension images are directly influenced by my parallel career as a research psychologist where there is emerging evidence that embodied, everyday experiences of awe and wonder can, if we seek them out, increase our pro-social behaviours and even change how we perceive time passing. They can perhaps be prompts, invitations to spend a little time to consider how we might cultivate states of wonder in our daily lives.
“Wonder is not passive, we (can) cultivate it ... treat it like a practice" Denise Markonish.

Artist biography

I've been a professional artist since 1999 showing with institutions (a solo show at the mac, Birmingham), commercial galleries (including Flowers Gallery, Sarah Mysercough Fine Art), at photo festivals (Herefordshire Photography Festival, Photo LA), with Psychological organisations (British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference) and artist-led spaces (Whitstable Bienalle Satellite, APT Gallery, Elysium Gallery Swansea). I also undertake residencies (Florence Trust Studio residency, Viewfinder, a photography residency for Redbridge NHS Trust working with patients & staff of a cancer ward and Rural Idyll on a working sheep farm in Suffolk)