Generality: "What's the Difference?"

Xiaoli O. Chang 常

"All Asians look the same," they tell us. It's said as a generalisation; by someone who isn't 'used' to seeing Asian faces; ‘they spoke before thinking’; ‘they didn't mean it—not really’. It hurts, no matter the reason.

It's a visualisation addressing the issue of generalisation; a collection of 37 Asian faces who share similarities (and differences) with the artist.

All are clad in the same colours, but no clothing item is the same. Did you notice? Have you too, been tricked to see us as one? Will you choose to see us as individuals—or will you remain blind? This is a call for attention, a response to the many racist comments we face every day.
"What is the difference?"
The video takes you back and forth from a viewing point of generalisation, of seeing us as one—to coming face-to-face with each individual.

Artist biography

Chang is an artist often expressing themself through experimental video and performance art, currently completing an undergrad in Fine Art Photography at UAL.
"An off-colour liaison" is a performance in video format of two mouths passing a chili fruit between one another, that highlights the complex balance of danger and trust in relationships; it was shown at Solna Konstfilmfestival 27th April 2019, Sweden. In November later that year, Chang's short film: "To You From Me" about two young trans men fighting for and believing in who they are; was featured at Trans Film Fest Stockholm, Sweden.