Rachael Mellors and Pete Hudson

‘lluminations documents Rachael Mellors’ discovery of photography as an artistic medium while making hand formed sculptures at dawn on a shoreline in Greece, using clay fallen from the eroding cliffs.
After photographing the sunrise she turned and saw her shadow body imprinted on the cliff infused with colours, soils and shells, and experienced a flash of unity, relationship, her shadow embodying the cliff. The images evoke a sense of the wonder and mystery present in the natural world. Looking beneath the veneer of normality can become a catalyst for changing underlying perceptions and values about our relationship with the Earth, finding appreciation, and bringing an awareness of the interrelatedness of all life .
Pete Hudson made a video record of her process during 2019 which is the source of the content. He recorded the audio and edited the digital and moving images. The concept, design and script are a collaboration.

Artist biography

Pete Hudson is interested in creating narrative through images and ambient sound, exploring the possibilities of environment and movement, often combining them. He records and edits his own video content and also sources found footage. He makes voice and field audio recordings and produces his own music soundtracks.

Rachael Mellors’ work embodies an intuitive response to her immersive relationship with the natural world embracing ecological sustainability. Site specific practice is rooted in Earth’s cycles and processes, in synchronicity with the seasons, the rising of the sun and the ecological processes of erosion. She studied Fine Art (Portsmouth) and Ceramics (RCA).