Its a big big big big world

Paul Rowlands

Images of tiny models (usually found on model railway installations) taken into the big big world to interact.

These images were made between the summer of 2016 and summer 2020.

The exhibition will take place in the glorious village of Rottingdean across three venues.

Olive Tree Florist next to the Old Black Horse pub on the high street will have three framed prints hanging in their window with a floral theme.

Then on to The Rottingdean Lounge Bar a little further up the High Street which will be showing five framed prints in their front lounge bar, This is the perfect place to stop for lunch.!

Finally, Priceless Imagery next To the Plough Inn on the pond, they will have nine smaller prints right inside the door.

I know it sounds like a pub crawl but hey, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

All of the framed prints are for sale from each venue, £100 for the large and £30 for the small.


Artist biography

I take these little german model railway people and put them in to world by either seeing a scene or item that i think they could interact with or finding a person and working out what scene they could be used in.
I then photograph them using a pocket camera or phone.

The images up to 2020 are fairly 'jolly' and the few since lockdown have taken a slightly darker and more political stance which is where it will continue to go for the foreseeable future.



Olive Tree Florist and Rottingdean Lounge Bar
63 and 89 High Street

4 October–29 September

Monday 11:00–17:00
Tuesday 11:00–17:00
Wednesday 11:00–17:00
Thursday 11:00–17:00
Friday 11:00–17:00
Saturday 11:00–17:00
Sunday 11:00–17:00