Apostolos Zerdevas

A series of photos taken near my neighborhood in Athens in August. Consisting mostly of closed small shops and abandoned vehicles. A clear sign of the enduring 10-year recession that has economically ravaged the Greek middle and lower classes. The lots of closed small local shops and abandoned vehicles being a familiar sight in most cities and becoming slowly not just a mere temporary situation but a permanent one creating a new urban landscape and aesthetic. This series tries to find points of interest in this newly formed urban aesthetic. Without forgetting the grim circumstances that created it
Apostolos Zerdevas

Artist biography

Apostolos was born in Athens. He studied photography in Focus school of photography and obtained a Masters in fine art form Chelsea College of art and design. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, in art spaces and museums such as. The DESTE Foundation, the Hellenic American Union, the ICA, London the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. From 2003 he is working at Focus School of Photography.
He is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Reading Fine Art Department And an associate curator of the Athens Photo festival