Made To Be Loved

Cecilia Di Paolo

‘Made To Be Loved’, explores everyday narratives played via the fictional character of ‘Abigal’, a doll played by Cecilia Di Paolo Herself. Purpose, sexuality and design are contrasted with aspects of fulfillment, loneliness and love through the character of the doll.

The story concerns love and sexuality. Evaluating the shift boundaries as a result of contemporary technology, capturing the tight bond between human and object. How will we love and engage with each other in the next 200 years? What will the future of love, of society and technology will be like? Universal love. Everyday activities acted by a 'silicon' human-looking 'thing'.

Artist biography

Cecilia Di Paolo’s body of work, primarily realised through photography, film and performance, explores and
deconstructs cultural notions of intimacy, tenderness and love through a dystopian lens.

At the heart of Cecilia’s work is the intensely human pursuit of connection; a reimagined line between artwork and audience, reaching out and inviting you to affix yourself with the work, fulfilled through the tactility of her still life and self-portraiture.

Edward Zorab is a rising star young British writer and director. Already recognised by BAFTA for the film
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