Mum's Not the Word

Denise Felkin

'Mum's Not the Word’ is a collection of 50 photographic images of women who do not have children and their reflections on what this means to them as individuals. Raising questions of identity, social constructs, the concept of what it is to be a woman and how stereotyped behaviour is influenced by various factors both external and internal, such as the expectation around having children and the impact this has in an era of environmental crisis.

Supported by The Arts Council

Population Matters

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Artist biography

Denise Felkin is a Photographer, Tutor & Author. She has a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree from University of Sunderland and MA Photojournalism, University of Westminster.

Denise who is childfree, began working on Mum's not the word in 2015. She was a finalist in Sony World Photography Awards 2016, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards & National Open Art awards 2017. MNTW has been shown at Somerset House, Bargehouse, Chelsea, Blackpool, Doncaster, Cologne, Barcelona, Athens, Paris & Bologna. In 2019, MNTW was released as a photobook by Earthworld Publishing and featured the iPaper and The Guardian weekend magazine.


Phoenix Art Space
10-14 Waterloo Place

2 October–1 November

Thursday 13:00–17:00
Friday 13:00–17:00
Saturday 13:00–17:00
Sunday 13:00–17:00