Anthropic XI

Navigation invites people to examine how we move through common environments: our homes, our bodies, cities and emotions. We ask the viewer to consider their surroundings by questioning our frequent routines and ingrained rituals. These systems are often used to project a sense of regulation or in some cases reduce our movements to hypnotic repetitions. We question how homes are built and made, how roots and foundations are levelled and planted. Where is home, what feels familiar, when do we feel safe?
Explorations such as these become further complicated during periods of evolution and metamorphosis, when the mantle of tradition collides with new growth. The disorientating process of change and unrest speaks to our individual perceptions and subsequent potential for isolation. However it is also in these times of flux that human experience is best identified, where fundamental commonalities draw us even closer.
Navigation is the inaugural online exhibition of the Anthropic XI collective.

Artist biography

Anthropic XI is a collective of photographic and lens based artists. Our members are alumni of Ulster University’s MFA Photography course, both online and on campus. Each member is galvanised to produce work that speaks to their intrinsic values. This ranges from the political to the environmental, from local activism to explorations of home and psychological experiences. Photo Fringe 2020 marks our first online exhibition as a newly-formed collective. Our first physical exhibition will take place in Arles 2021.