On the other side there’s more wood

YumYum Collective

‘On the other side there’s more wood’ is an installation conceived by collective members Ezra Evans and Rachel Mortlock. The structure encourages a fun, interactive way of viewing photography, confusing the lines between a Photograph and the space around it. Bringing the Photographs and the Architecture together encourages a dialogue within each viewer. This addresses the way the viewer interacts with and perceives the Photograph within the Gallery space as well as the world around them. ‘On the other side there’s more wood’ aims to expand the viewers understanding of what a Photograph can be through combining Photography with Sculpture.

Artist biography

YumYum is a collective of seven artists creating architectural installations involving sculpture, film, photography, and painting. Their work is led by a collaborative ethos focusing on making, research and the process of bringing different specialist mediums together. The collective’s current work centres around the boundaries between artwork, architecture, and space.


Photo Fringe Collectives Hub
Phoenix Art Space
Waterloo Place

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2 October–1 November

Thursday 13:00–17:00
Friday 13:00–17:00
Saturday 13:00–17:00
Sunday 13:00–17:00