Organic Body

Shona Waldron

Organic Body explores connections between art, nature and technology, opening up new possibilities for life in the anthropocene and providing an alternative vision of the world in this unpredictable time. Throughout the video, the ever-changing motion of the water acts as a reminder of our evolving social, environmental and political landscape in addition to the necessity for growth and development. Inspiration also stems from the well-worn adage, 'you cannot step in the same river twice'.
Despite the intensity of the piece, there is a surrealistic and, at times, a humorous quality which represents finding new ways to engage with an increasingly perplexing world. The notion of being at one with nature is conveyed through the use of personification and the sound of the heartbeat. Ultimately, this highlights our emotional and physical connection to the earth and urges us to understand this relationship on a deeper level.

Artist biography

Shona Waldron (b. 1999) is an interdisciplinary artist based between East Sussex and Cornwall, UK. Working across a range of mediums including photography, moving image and installation, her practice intends to articulate humanity’s place in a world of uncertainty, frequently using a combination of digital and analogue techniques to manipulate the boundary between fact and fiction. Documenting states of change or metamorphosis is also a recurrent theme as she uses her work to illustrate the transition into a future which is impossible to predict or control.