Plastics Heaven

Anne Mason

Plastics Heaven Guilt, Fear and Aesthetics.

The term 'Plastics Heaven' symbolises society's 'addiction' to plastics in all forms. Although an avid recycler, I began to feel that this activity was no longer enough. This project came about in response to my own eco-anxiety and difficulty in making lifestyle changes as a consumer. The work deals with feelings of guilt about my past as a design and technology teacher when I actively and enthusiastically promoted the virtues of plastics with young people in schools. The work implies that plastics consumerism is so deeply integrated into our lifestyles that these materials go almost unnoticed.
Using a neo-romantic style of imagery to emphasise 'beauty' in a conventional sense, suggests that today, people are not at all offended by the aesthetics of this material. The photographs show nature and plastic items set alongside each other, representing a visual symbiosis.
The work is divided into five 'Rooms'
1 The Allotments
2 Water
3 Displacement of Objects
4 Wired
5 Changing Room

Artist biography

Anne Mason comes from Lytham, Lancashire but is now based in Brighton. Her first camera was a Kodak Brownie 127, bought as a birthday present when she was nine by her father, who was a keen amateur photographer.
Initially an Art & Design teacher, she later specialised in Design & Technology/ Resistant Materials, but personal work tended to veer towards fine art. Photography is now her preferred medium, often with underlying political messages surfacing within project work.
She will be pleased to talk about her photography in meetings or to local groups and also to collaborate with photographers or others looking to host post-Covid exhibitions.