Rebel For Life

Chris Jerrey

In the autumn of 2019, Extinction Rebellion took to the streets to protest the UK government's failure to take urgent action to mitigate the impending Climate Emergency. The protesters are ordinary people who have decided it is time to rebel against inaction, corporate lobbying and media distraction. Over 1600 were arrested, many thousands more were involved.
These pictures were taken on the streets as protesters pushed back against the business-as-usual that is wrecking the climate. They know that there is no planet B. They want everyone else to wake up to this realisation as well.

Artist biography

Chris Jerrey is a photographer with a long-standing interest in progressive politics and the environment. He is developing a practice which seeks out and tells the stories from the front line of the struggle to get the climate crisis taken seriously.
He is interested in climate science, psychology, culture, media and the myriad factors which inform personal understanding of the climate emergency.
He is currently. studying an MA in Photography at the University of Falmouth.