Carry Me Homeward

Greta Lorimer, Hayleigh Longman, Marguerite Minnot Thomas

A personal process, shared. An exhibition, in progress. Photographers Marguerite Minnot Thomas, Hayleigh Longman and Greta Lorimer present a patchwork conversation of three individual relationships with one common thread, Motherhood. As relationships develop and differ in time, the images that cement them will be displayed as a process. Audiences will be invited to contribute to the work by adding notes and observations to the display, taking collaboration beyond the group exhibition and into a wider frame of consideration that includes not just the artist and their subjects but the spectators as well.

Each artist has been exploring their unique relationship with their own mother, from the physical distance of a camera shooting, to the sharing of a frame. A fresh perspective on motherhood from the lens of the child as artist and agent, the bodies of work will come together in dialogue highlighting differences in conception and technique but uniting in a subject that is familiar.

Artist biography

Greta Lorimer is an Italian artist based in Switzerland. Her practice sees philosophy and photography deeply intertwined. Her research focuses on the social and introspective potentialities of conceptual and performative photography as ways to explore the narratives that occur on the threshold between the human inner world and the outside world. She graduated with a BA in Philosophy from University La Sapienza of Rome. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Photography at the University of Brighton.
Greta is featured in international publications and she has exhibited in London, Paris, Brighton, Rome.

Hayleigh Longman born 1995. London based artist graduated from Manchester school of Art in 2018. Her practice focuses on personal stories and working poetically with complex subjects. She was awarded the RedEye Graduate Award in 2018 and the Metro Imaging a Mentorship Award in 2019. Hayleigh’s work was exhibited at Sid Motion Gallery’s show Fresh cuts in July 2020 and is currently working on a commission with the Wellcome Prize.

Marguerite Minnot Thomas is a French-Irish artist and facilitator. Graduating with a BA in Photography from the LCC in 2016, her work has been exhibited in Ireland, the U.K, Italy and the U.S. Working across still and moving image, the sculptural and the written word, her work explores the intangible and ethereal notions of multilayered identity and origin.


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