The Lake

Pippa Healy

‘The Lake’ series was made alone whilst walking in a meditative state around Lake Altaussee in Austria. My head was hurting, I had recently
had a brain scan and I was exhausted. I was searching for answers to relieve my plummeting emotions. The landscape was full of forests and
huge lakes. It is situated in a place steeped in dark histories, of fairy tales and war time secrets. The series was created initially with 35mm film with a light leak. The undetermined nature of working with an analogueprocess was integral to the series.I wanted to take these imagesapart, akin to what I was trying to do with my own thoughts. I then wanted to use printmaking processes to put them physically back together layer by layer onto the paper. I found myself in a performative mode whilst creating the images, using both physical and mental strength to create the work.

Artist biography

I am an artist whose uses photography, printmaking and zines in their practice. My work is diaristic and consumed with themes around loss,
longing, violence and grief. I am fascinated by the abject and the sublime, and the duality of fact and fiction. My practice is emotionally driven. My experiences shape the way I make my work.