The Legacies

Tony Mak

It’s a landscape survey project of Stratford, a district at the East End of London, which is often associated with the word ‘legacy’ which normally refers to the 2012 Olympic Games that has greatly reshaped the landscape of the district in the last two decades.

With the London Olympic Games approaching, Stratford underwent another huge regeneration in the 2000s, which becomes the latest and biggest urbanisation movement in the UK. I’ve been living in Stratford for two years. To me, a new resident who benefit from the regeneration has always felt being an ‘outsider’. During the lockdown in 2020, when everyone was urged to ‘stay home’. I started to spend more time with the neighbourhood, started to ask, how do we situate ourselves in such a brand new city? Is it merely a place we live as transients? what does it take to have it be called ‘home’?

Artist biography

Tony Mak (b.1991) is a Cantonese-Chinese artist-photographer based in London, whose works investigate the cultural landscape and community history.