Uncanny Streets

Asha Sitarz

I started this project as a result of my interest in the impact of architecture on people. I often take pictures of architecture and extraordinary objects I come across on the street. During the lockdown, unable to go out to shoot, I started going through my phone photographs archive. I began to edit the images of once ordinary and everyday life into geometric, abstract objects. The mundane scenes captured on the phone became my canvas for digital manipulation. As a result, the viewers are confronted with an image both familiar and incongruous. Through my editing process, I am moulding the reality surrounding me into my own intricate world.

Artist biography

I am a visual artist using still and moving image technologies to express myself. In my practice, I focus on the emotions, identities, embodied perception and alternative realities. I am keen on depicting unconventional subjects and topics as well as finding new ways of capturing more mainstream ones. My primary sources of inspiration are music and cinema. Apart from producing art, I am passionate about curating and writing. In the summer of 2019, I organised and curated my first exhibition focusing on the topic of femininity, entitled Plus Gender. I work on a freelance basis, and I am always excited to meet new people and visit new places.