Louise McCurdy, Alex Bamford

A rusty shopping trolley found buried on Brighton beach filled with plastic waste creates a plastic journey delving deep into the damaging, mind-boggling environmental consequences of the plastic pandemic. Plastic is ubiquitous and so far we have taken the trolley to beaches, hills, rivers and forests.

It's a powerful engaging visual comment on waste plastic highlighting the harmful effects on the environment, society’s rampant consumerism and our addiction to plastic. Plastic lasts forever: it's not inert, it leaches into our food, drinking water, the soil, it’s in the air we breathe and it is in us.

Artist biography

Lou McCurdy lives in Brighton, England and has been making artworks about plastic pollution for 13 years. As one half of "Dirty Beach" she created immersive, fully fitted supermarket installations that mimicked the visual language of large modern retailers but stocked only plastic waste recovered from the environment.

Alex Bamford was brought up in Cornwall and it was the lure of the sea that brought him to Brighton from London over 20 years ago. Since stopping commuting and setting up business as a photographer in Brighton he’s had more time to absorb himself into what’s happening on the beach and the ocean.


101 Gloucester Road
Brighton BN1 4AP

2–31 October

Wednesday 11:00–15:00
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