We May Meet One Day

RAKE Collective

We May Meet One Day is a visual investigation into the growing presence of extreme far-right ideologies in modern society and their intersection with technology and global consciousness; prompted by the 2019 database leak of white supremacist message board Iron March.

Comprised of data driven multimedia work, the viewer is offered an insight into this online space, and asked to question the divide between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Iron March members are located and obscured using combined satellite and microscopic imagery; while their faces are imagined by a generative adversarial network. Implementing machine learning as an extension of photography allows the invisible to take form, providing a new way of seeing the unseen.

The work is neither reactionary nor pandering, but timely in relation to both a global anti-racist movement and a cultural shift to online spaces. It seeks to agitate the viewer; calling for them to confront the perpetuation and normalisation of extreme far-right ideologies and actively oppose the violence seeping inward.

Artist biography

RAKE is a visual research collective using open source data to investigate a variety of unseen and obscured elements in society, business and politics. Exploring themes including human rights violations, government censorship, hidden histories, corruption, surveillance and bureaucratic violence. RAKE pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and reportage, using evolving investigation techniques to inform visual and multimedia projects and develop the interface between art, politics and the internet.

RAKE’s members are all visual multimedia artists and include a physicist, a curator, a political activist and a technologist. They met whilst pursuing an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at UAL’s London College of Communication in 2018.


Photo Fringe Collectives Hub
Phoenix Art Space
Waterloo Place

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2 October–1 November

Thursday 13:00–17:00
Friday 13:00–17:00
Saturday 13:00–17:00
Sunday 13:00–17:00