What They Leave Behind

Clodagh Moreland

In this project, I explore the urban landscape of Dublin Port and find it becomes not only a geographical landmark but also personal and biographical. I create visual narratives that uncover this phenomenon by investigating why I felt drawn to this special place.

In 'What They Leave Behind', the images illustrate this investigation as I combine those created in Dublin Port with memory-laden objects from my home. These images are weaved together as I slowly uncover the underlying meaning of the work.

I discovered being present in Dublin Port allowed me to reveal some subconscious emotions that I did not realise existed. I found I was using Dublin Port as a conduit to uncover profound personal feelings.

This project is the culmination of this cathartic process, where I finally accessed these emotions. I realised I was trying to process the fact that my third and youngest daughter had emigrated and my role as full-time mother ceased to exist.

Artist biography

I returned to photography after raising my family about four years ago. Historically, my photographic practice focussed on portraits and fashion work, but as I spent time with my growing family, painting became my creative outlet. However, it was through my iPhone that I realised it was photography that really allowed me to fulfil my creative drive.

I am a member of the Association of Photographers (AOP), and an e-mail they sent promoting Falmouth University led me to embark on a two year MA Photography programme, which completes this month.