While Searching for Each Other

Quetzal Maucci

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions of people, and has also generated necessary, yet painful separation from our loved ones. Initially, the days blurred together and my spirit was met with a struggle for connection. Seventy-seven days later, and my notion of time is lost. I yearn for my family and friends, for physical interactions, for a world outside of these four walls. I ask myself, “How can I help create physical exchanges with people during the loneliness of isolation to feel united and foster community?” While searching for each other is a multimedia project that questions our current reality seeped in virtual connectivity by searching for tangible representations of community during lockdown. I began circulating an envelope asking people to create a response to the pandemic. This project is a journey for external and concrete connection in relation to our isolated and digitized states in a time of crisis. So far the envelope has crossed 14 houses, 24 people, and 14 different neighborhoods.

Artist biography

Born in San Francisco, Quetzal Maucci is an Argentinian and Peruvian-American photographer based in London and part of the Women Photograph collective. Currently, she is studying for her Master’s in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors degree in Photography and Imaging from New York University. Her work explores issues surrounding immigration, community, human rights, and identity. Her project We Are More Than Numbers: Portraits of Children of Immigrants was published in The New York Times and she is a recent finalist for the Open Walls 2020 exhibition in Arles, France, in collaboration with British Journal of Photography.