With Regard to the Credibility of Images

Matt Hughes

Since its early inception, photography has been rooted in curiosity and experimentation; many minds combining to replicate our own human interpretation of reality.

'With Regard to the Credibility of Images' is a body of work that explores the cultural establishment of photography as a tool with which to replicate this perception of reality.

These found plates are used as a vessel of discussion; their origins being uncertain and their purpose unknown. The appropriated plates serve as an object of reflection, these abstracted images allow us as viewers to consider the influence of photography as a tool to document reality as well as the blind reliance we often entrust to photography.

“…the fact that we now live in a world where more than 1.8 billion images are uploaded to websites every day suggests that people see images as having great value, while at the same time it poses further challenges with regard to the credibility of images.” (D. Campbell, The Integrity of The Image, 2014)

Artist biography

Matt Hughes is a Brighton based visual artist. Working mainly with photographic materials, he continues to question the fundamental nature of photography and it’s relation to the human condition. His works parody early ‘pure’ photographers of the 20th Century in order to escape normalised views on representation within the photographic medium.

Matt is a University of Brighton Graduate from the Photography BA (Hons) degree course. You can also find an iteration of 'With Regard to the Credibility of Images' as part of the Cream20 Showcase of Graduate Photography Talent being exhibited as part of the 2020 Photo Fringe.