Submit images to Studio Lenca's #losthistories


Studio Lenca is the winner of the Photo Fringe OPEN20 SOLO award.

They have produced a new online work, El Cipitio that you can view here.

You can listen to Studio Lenca in conversation with Patricio Majano, Curator and leader of Y.ES Contemporary, El Salvador, here.

The work is interactive and Studio Lenca invites you to participate:

How can an image make a difference? Use the hashtag #losthistories to submit your photograph to Instagram that reveals a story not usually told. These images will contribute to a newly imagined 'institution' at in which dominant structures are disrupted.'

If you don't have an Instagram account please email your image to, with your short image caption.

Please upload only one image of your own and don't post other people's images without their permission. The site will be monitored, but please alert us if there is anything amiss at

© Studio Lenca, El Historiante de Inglaterra, from the series Los Historiantes, 2019