.. .. 86

Lauren Mason

The work ‘.. .. 86’ combines primary and secondary imagery in experimental practice. Through c-type printed computer screen-grabs, cardboard cut-outs and appropriated photographs, the work fantasises ownership, analysing the fetishisation of objects and consumer culture.

Exploring advertising imagery, the work considers the gaps between the places we visit to purchase objects. Printed pages and backlit screens are amalgamated into one long piece as if it were a bespoke webpage that will neither tell you a story, nor sell you a product.

Borrowing text from David Bate’s book ‘Photography, The Key Concepts’ (2009), and images from Paterson’s publications ‘The Book of the Darkroom’ and ‘The Book of Photography’ (1979), with re-workings from Paterson's website: patersonphotographic.com, the work attempts to separate the image from the product.

Following the text in the work suggests that the satisfaction experienced from purchasing a product is often short lived. Perhaps a happier future lies in the fetishisation of images.

Artist biography

Interested in analogue process and equipment, Lauren plays in the crossovers between the digital and analogue world. Using the camera, or anything with a similar function, she attempts to draw attention to the instants we overlook, celebrating human curiosity and probing the moment.

In constant analysis of society, Lauren's work is a way of questioning what is classified as the normal. She hopes that her work could be a way of prompting others to also question the way things are too.

Lauren holds a BA in Photography from The University of Brighton (2017-2020).

b.1994 in Coventry (UK), she is now a Brighton based artist.


FCB Coffee / Brighton Station
The Passenger Lounge
Brighton Railway Station
Queens Road

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.. .. 86, Lauren Mason