An Introduction...

Greig Clifford

Thank you for your interest. I'd like to use this platform to introduce my personal photography, hoping to bring it to a wider audience and expand my horizons a little.

I take inspiration from the original street photographers of yesteryear, particularly those who combined the documentary style with a highly artistic aesthetic and I try to apply a similar timeless feel to my own image making, looking to create strong compositional images as equally at home displayed on a wall as in a publication.

I prefer to create images as an unnoticed spectator of life around me. I'm drawn to creating images that hint at non-tangible elements of human nature, that encourage deeper thought, sometimes using metaphor to explore themes such as companionship, curiosity, determination, freedom, isolation, loss, emotions, moments of contemplation, and all manner of connections and interactions between people and the world around them. Sometimes the world just presents itself in a particularly artistic way and I love catching those moments too.

Artist biography

For those unfamiliar with my name it is pronounced 'Greg'. I live near Brighton, UK, and studied photography at Northbrook in the 1990's after leaving school with Art A-level.

I have spent the last few years since 2010 as a rock/punk/metal music photographer, highlights of which include direct commissions for Rock Sound and Metal Hammer magazines, and my work has been used by Kerrang!, Rhythm, Q magazine, BBC, and many other smaller music publications. I currently have 15+ album and EP artwork credits.

I have only recently shown my fine, street and documentary photography. I was pleased to be included in the 2020 SPA Biennial exhibition.


An Introduction..., Greig Clifford


The Pit


Chasing Cars

Racing the Breaking Wave

At the Ferring Beach Outlet Pipe


Spirit Gull

Gull on a Wet Tent

Gulls Over Kenny's

Four Windows

Leaving Leake Street

9:20. Snowfall walk, on the Pier

Swan at the Industrial Estate

Silk Mountain