"Floral structures, structured growths combine with assemblages of intertwined plant and animal elements that cast a spell.
According to the artist, these are" memory fragments, phantasmagoria, meta-levels ".
Conclusion: the images and visions of the environment he perceives are staged in a unique way.
The photo artist Antonius moves in the creation of his photographs in surreal spheres. His pictures are intoxicating with dark colors and illusions.
Again and again there is something to discover for the viewer on the most varied of levels.
Concentrated looking reveals the depth of this Image creations with admirable unique selling points.

Photographic design cannot move away from superficiality. The creative philosophy of the design goal:

Image creations aka ways of life, flora and fauna, stations of an existence that leaves time and space.

Reminiscences of life, farewell and transience it. Room for individual interpretation (laudation) Exhibition "Anderswelten"

Artist biography

Antonius - American with a German passport - was born in Berlin and grew up in New York, Metz (France) and Berlin. It is impossible to commit him to a profession, creative director, photo designer and artist at the same time. His photographs, which he describes as "photographic choreographies", have already been exhibited around the world.


Anderswelten, Antonius

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