Apathetic Relations

BAPP collective: Sophie Sherwood, Tim Pearse and Pete Webb

BAPP collective have responded to Photo Fringe’s open call by highlighting our apathetic consumption of the landscape through online digital images and the disconnection that we experience.
Photography can make a difference by making people more aware of nature and the greater landscapes of the world. Photography is and will play a pivotal role in the looming Environmental crisis for people living in cities. Being in nature benefits our wellbeing, and so photography can make a difference by helping us experience landscapes in this way when we're not able to reach them.
As a case study, we have used The Mendips, an area of outstanding beauty in the south-west. The power of these images draws people from across the country to enjoy the rolling hills, and beautiful views for themselves. It’s this ability of a photograph that will have a large impact on our understanding, experience and decision on how we want to continue our relationship with nature.
Each image has been created by combining the collective skills of the members of BAPP

Artist biography

Peter Webb:

Based in Bristol and working from his studio at The Island, Peter works predominately with traditional and alternative photographic techniques. Graduating with a BA in Photography from The Arts University Bournemouth, he has since exhibited his work, given talks and run workshops in the UK and China.

His main body of work investigates the relationship between fabricated worlds, landscape and space exploration. Producing on-going series such as Asteroid, Horizon and Unclassified Moon, he prints using the chemigram process to create unique, hand printed images of fictional places.

Chemigrams are produced using traditional darkroom chemistry in a painterly way. By applying resists onto silver gelatine paper, layers and textures are built up. The main structure of an image and the textures are deliberate but there is an element of chance to the outcome of each image. The resists used, the interaction of the chemistry and the physical handling of the print all have their affect on the final outcome of each print.


Tim Pearse:

Tim Pearse is an award-winning fine art and portrait photographer based in Bristol, UK. Pearse's artistic practice takes a number of different positions within relation to the wider photographic community. These positions deal with his thoughts regarding the current trends within photographic production and aesthetics, as well as with his viewpoints on more abstract notions concerning issues derived from theoretical research.

The making of his photographs is a combination of an outward facing, research-lead methodology that is driven by philosophical and scientific reading, combined with practical experimentation with historic and antiquarian imaging processes, and an introspective visual development process which references theology, myth, the occult, and science fiction.

Through this creative process, and by making reference to the history of photography - yet centring the works squarely in a contemporary context - Pearse aims to create photographs which offer the viewer an opportunity to question the authenticity of the photographic image/object, and its place in relation to contemporary issues concerning selfhood, individualism, and introspection.


Sophie Sherwood:

Sophie is a Bristol based visual artist, originally from the south coast of Dorset. Sophie’s artistic practice is predominantly concerned with process based exploration of alternative photographic techniques and how to make photographic processes more sustainable by using plant matter to create photographic chemistry. Previous to this her work has been surrounding ideas of illustrating nostalgia, relationships with others and the self and memory through photography.

Graduating in 2012 in Photography from Plymouth University, In the final stages of her degree she took the route of narrative photography, using the camera and alternative photographic methods (such as cyanotypes and photograms) to describe stories given to her.

Sophie's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Berlin and Romania. She recently completed an MA in Photography at UWE, Bristol. Organisations Sophie has worked with include the Alzheimer's Society, See It From Her+, One25 and Bristol Folk House. She is also a director for the Real Photography Company. She has volunteered with Cube Microplex, Sanctum, and Try This... Festival in Dorchester, Dorset.



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Apathetic Relations, BAPP collective: Sophie Sherwood, Tim Pearse and Pete Webb