At Home, I'm a Tourist

Tommy Kha

At Home, I'm a Tourist is the second iteration of works by Brooklyn-based photographer, Tommy Kha, first exhibited at Launch F18 in New York City.
This exhibition pulls from Kha several ongoing projects, (Facades, Soft Murders, Canada 1984, and South Portraits), connecting Kha’s continued mapping of Asian Diaspora in the American South and how Otherness is imaged and represented in the canon of photographic histories.
Launch F18 writes: "At Home, I’m A Tourist captures the intimate and sophisticated perspective of Tommy Kha’s photography, building from a selection of works spanning nearly ten years. Drawing from personal themes of queerness, likeness, otherness, family and post-immigration experiences, Kha reaches deep within these experiences to find a higher plane. Comparing to a cultural journey, At Home, I’m A Tourist constructs a thematic crossroad, bringing the many complex ideas of Kha’s work all to the same intersection, and investigating these ideas through restaging his own curiosity or documented experiences."

Artist biography

Tommy Kha (b. Memphis, TN) is a photographer currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

He is a Hopper Prize and Artadia 2020 finalist, CR Magazine’s Photography Annual 2019 winner, Hyères Photography 2019 Grand Prix finalist, En Foco Photography Fellowship recipient, and a former artist-in-residence at Center for Photography at Woodstock, Light Work, and the Camera Club of New York.
He was the cover of Vice Magazine’s 2017 Photography Issue. His first solo show took place at Blue Sky Gallery, followed up by his New York City debut at the Camera Club of New York in May 2019. Kha holds an MFA in Photography from Yale University.


At Home, I'm a Tourist, Tommy Kha

Reunification (I), Millington, TN/Brooklyn, NY, 2020

Canada (Pattern Drafting), 1984

Assemblies I, (Me crying in three takes), 2020

(Gold Strike), Tunica, Mississippi, 2016

May (A Costume Drama), Memphis, 2019

Stations (Kitchen God), Whitehaven, Memphis 2015

Overseas Chinese Town, 2017

Constellations (XXI), Fort Tilden Beach, 2020

Canal, North Memphis, 2011

Tree (Grandma Sleeping), Arlington, Tennessee, 2019

May (Summoning the Kitchen God), Memphis, 2015

Canada (Jane with Knife), 1984

Stops (II), Marsha P. Johnson Park, Brooklyn, 2020

May (Mirror, Mother, Mirror), Whitehaven, Memphis, 2019

Constellations (XIX), Whitehaven, Memphis, 2019