From the Land Plenty, From the Sea Health

Steve Gallagher

This is Steve Gallagher's first year participating in Photo Fringe. All Photographs displayed in; 'From the Land Plenty, From the Sea Health' were conceived and developed while in Covid-19 lockdown, and celebrate the richness of our local flora, and the dynamism and drama of the coastal waters around us. Based on the Latin motto for Worthing, ‘Ex terra copiam e mari salutem’, the exhibition contrasts minutely detailed flower studies with powerful and captivating seascapes encouraging us to look closer at our surroundings and environment. Steve’s work elevates humble flowers to reveal their complex structures and colours, highlighting their unique and subtle beauty. He combines sea, sky and shoreline to create deeply textured seascapes that deliver meditations on the healing nature of the sea and its power to awe and beguile. Steve uses graphic design techniques to highlight the relationship between light, air and water, and to showcase the texture and vibrancy of the natural world around us.

Artist biography

Steve Gallagher was born in the American Midwest and studied photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After working as a fashion photographer for clients such as Condé Nast, Paul Smith and Thierry Mugler in New York and Miami, he began to apply his skills to graphic design, building a successful career within international advertising agencies. He moved to London with his family in 2002, where he set up his own graphic design business. Now based on the South Coast, Steve’s work marries his photographic skills with his graphic design expertise to produce richly detailed studies of flora, fauna, seascapes and landscapes.


From the Land Plenty, From the Sea Health, Steve Gallagher