Hanging around, 2020

Carla Pohl

Getting a hold of things is not possible right now. They flow away, they're intangible, upside down. The whole world is upside down. We're all thrown back on ourselves. It is easier to recognize when you are hanging upside down somewhere yourself, then the world is back in the right position.
Who am I when I'm only myself? All this time brings me back to myself and the big question remains all the time: who am I really?
It feels like a birth - nudity, fear, joy, sadness, anger, farewell, welcome, fragility, femininity, strength and much more goes through the body and the environment. The thoughts turn - forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards, left, right - no standstill within oneself - only standstill in the world outside. Does life get a new meaning?
Then there is the hanging upside down - a hanging out and the search for what I and the people are - what life is and how we should live life. And at the very end there is only silence, which in its very own way asks again: Who am I, if I am only myself?

Artist biography

Photography is transformation - the connection between yesterday and today, now and tomorrow. It heals the past and shows the moment in the now. I prefer to address social issues that are often not so popular and therefore need a transformation. Since 2011 I am working as a freelance photographer in Berlin. With Arno Fischer and Sibylle Bergemann I learned to take pictures at a young age. Since 2016 I have been guided and accompanied in my profession by the photographer Gundula Schulze Eldowy. At the Free University of Berlin I studied art history and literature with the degree Magister Artium.


Hanging around, 2020, Carla Pohl