North / South

Landing Collective

North / South takes perspectives of the English northern and southern landscape to explore how human culture and the natural world are intertwined. Using interdisciplinary photographic techniques that incorporate physical elements of the land (such as flowers, plants and soil), we intend to both visualise this process and to bring attention to the potential of co-creating with the environments in which we live and work.

Artist biography

Born from an interest in how nature and human culture are interconnected, and our personal relationship with the English landscape, the Landing Collective aims to bring attention to the ways in which landscapes can be viewed, felt or experienced as an active participant in our lives through photographic practice.

Landing is made up of photographic artists Bethan Clarke and Epha J. Roe.


Photo Fringe Collectives Hub
Phoenix Art Space
Waterloo Place

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2 October–1 November

Thursday 13:00–17:00
Friday 13:00–17:00
Saturday 13:00–17:00
Sunday 13:00–17:00

North / South, Landing Collective