Our City

Brighton and Hove Camera Club

This exhibition explores the theme of ‘Our City’ and features a single image from 48 members of Brighton and Hove Camera Club. It captures different aspects of the city of Brighton & Hove, from beach resort to political hub to peaceful Downland. It showcases the scope and range of the Club’s photographers and their diversity of interest.

Artist biography

Brighton and Hove Camera Club is one of the largest and oldest photographic clubs in the country. It is a thriving group of photographers with over 100 members of all ages and from all walks of life. Its remit is to help members with their photography whatever their ability and personal interests, both creatively and technically. The Club has gained an impressive reputation over the years, both for its members’ achievements and for its exceptional programme, featuring presentations from famous name photographers.


Brighton Beach
Promenade (opposite the Grand Hotel)

Monday 07:00–07:00
Tuesday 07:00–07:00
Wednesday 07:00–07:00
Thursday 07:00–07:00
Friday 07:00–07:00
Saturday 07:00–07:00
Sunday 07:00–07:00

Our City, Brighton and Hove Camera Club

Beach Dream

Beach Break

Climbing Passacaglia

Boxing Club, Brighton


Royal Pavilion

Reflecting on the Younger Generation

Sad-eyed Lady of the Lockdown

My Brighton


Brighton Half Marathon 2020

Home Improvements

Palace Pier Thrills

Light and Shadow

The Deserted Beach

Brighton BLM Protest 2020

The Three Cornered Copse, Covid 19 Salvation

Rolling down

Take Wind Make Power


Punch and Judy

Strolling Shadows

Deckchair Abstract

Towards Brighton

Brighton Shorebreak

Beach Dream