To The Ends Of The Earth

Hannah Scott

An experimental film reflecting on my relationship with the sea, horizon, and sky – my three constants within the marine environment - using film and photographs shot during my journeys onboard a cargo ship, a tall ship and a yacht in the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Sailing over eleven thousand miles, there are few visual references. The passage of time is slow; the constant motion is disorientating and exhausting. Changing light registers each day; at night, the stars are as abundant as I have ever seen them. I discover the remoteness and connectedness of each location – pristine environments broken by our presence - and consider the relationships between consumer culture, personal identity and environmental change.

Artist biography

My work explores ways of visualising and communicating environmental change. I’m inspired by science and nature as well as cultural and political topics related to identity; lifestyle; and loss. I’m fascinated by the Earth, Universe, speculative landscapes and futures. I create journeys and performances; experimental films; photographic archives; immersive and site-specific installations; collaborations with artists and scientists; drawings, paintings and sculptures; collections of artefacts, words and ideas. I’m a graduate of Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science programme; a member of the Wilderness Art Collective; a MullenLowe NOVA award winner; and an alumna of The Arctic Circle artist residency.


To The Ends Of The Earth, Hannah Scott