Jessica Miller

Topophilia is a collection of digital photographs created using intentional camera movement and multiple exposure techniques. This body of work explores our relationship with and existence in place, how we interact with what is around us, how we remember where we have been and engage with where we are going.

My photography has been inspired by travel and place attachment. Featuring places I am emotionally attached to and continue to revisit, my work explores memory, repetition and how time can influence our connection with place.

The use of intentional camera movement and multiple exposures express an abstract representation of memory and my presence in the captured locations, with layers expressive of new journeys and deeper connections. Our moment in places can be fleeting and these images also present awareness of our fast, blurred, subjective movement within the grand scheme of time.

Overall, this work invites the viewer to reflect on their presence in the world around us and what place means to them.

Artist biography

Jessica Miller is a fine art photographer who grew up and is based in Hampshire, South of England. She graduated from BA Fine Art at Loughborough University in 2017 and is currently studying for a Masters at University of Westminster in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture.

Jessica is inspired by travel and the regular visits to places throughout her life since childhood, including the New Forest, UK and the Algarve, Portugal. Her work uses multiple exposure and intentional camera movement techniques to explore themes including memory, repetition and our relationship with place.


Topophilia, Jessica Miller