Water Boiling

Lauren Mason

Water Boiling is an experimental film shot on tape and converted for digital manipulation. The moving image summarises the 2020 lockdown into the mundane task of boiling a pan of water. Water boils under the pressure of a lid causing a raucous. It tries to escape in spurts and bubbles. Flames roll up the pan and frustration builds. But there is nothing we can do. The water must boil. This work represents emotion, presenting the ways that feelings can express themselves when our lids are left on for too long.

When the top is removed bubbles and boils leap. A high-frequency sound accompanies the release. One generally associated with emergency broadcasts aired during the wartime.
‘Water Boiling’ highlights the importance of mental health, especially in times when we ourselves are cooped up too. If the water starts to boil, it's better to take the lid off sooner, rather than later.

Artist biography

Lauren Mason holds a BA(Hons) in Photography from The University of Brighton (2017-2020). Her practice plays in the crossovers between digital and analogue, using the camera, or anything with a similar function, to draw attention to those things that we forget to see anymore, or question why they are the way they are. Appropriation, text and the darkroom occupy her work. From scanning old manuals, to hand printing screen grabs, she is currently exploring consumerism and fetishisation, asking if we can experience the same levels of satisfaction by owning a photograph of a desired object, rather than the object itself.


Water Boiling, Lauren Mason