Leap Then Look: #photographyacts


We're working with Leap Then Look for a project everyone, from school-children to experienced professional photographers, can be part of.

#PhotographyActs is a series of four weekly creative invitations to explore the possibilities of photography as an active process of creation and discovery.

Every Monday throughout the festival, Leap then Look will pose a different instruction on our Instagram with ideas and examples to get you experimenting with photography in new ways.

Resulting images posted to Instagram, tagged #photographyacts @photofringe @leap_then_look, will become part of this collective project, collated and reposted each week to our networks.

Earlier this year, Photo Fringe commissioned Leap Then Look to create a major project with local communities for Photo Fringe 2020. These original plans have been postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Meantime, we're thrilled to continue to work with all kinds of people across the city, with #photographyacts project Leap Then Look have devised for us.

A series of community workshops and a free Zoom workshop, open to all, will run alongside the Instagram project. Our aim is to offer opportunities to people of all ages to play and explore, discovering new ways of seeing together, constructing images and actively experiencing the world.

Post your responses to the weekly prompts to Instagram tagging

@Leapthenlook @photofringe #photographyacts

If you want to take part without an Instagram account, please email info@leapthenlook.org.uk

We are hugely grateful to Art Fund and Arts Council England and Brighton & Hove City Council Communities Fund for funding this opportunity.

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