OPEN20 Young Photographers Part 2 of 2

Photo Fringe presents 28 shortlisted Young Photographers, aged between 14 and 18, shown at the Pavilion Atrium who all responded to the festivals question: How can photography make a difference?

Honey Latter was selected as the OPEN20 Young Photographers Award winner.

Exhibiting artists include: Honey Latter, Freddie Ashford, Sarah Chapman, Scott Trimble, Connor Breek, Oska Colley, Joni May Leach, Lily Wingrove, Will Davis, Madeline Hogan, Oliver Welsh, Liberty Edmunds Jones, Gus Mckeever, Jack McAlister, Zachary Scott Paul

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OPEN20 Young Photographers Part 2 of 2,

Honey Latter (OPEN20 Young Photographer Winner)

Freddie Ashford

Sarah Chapman

Scott Trimble

Connor Breek

Oska Colley

Joni May Leach

Lily Wingrove

Will Davis

Madeline Hogan

Oliver Welsh

Liberty Edmunds Jones

Gus McKeever

Jack McAllister

Zachary Scott Paul