Trail: Meandering by Angelica Sule

This trail is a meandering wander through daily lives, dreams and imaginations. It speaks to the moment we're in through tactility and tenderness, echoing our shared experiences of daily walks, heightened dreamscapes and living together. The works document the everyday, drawing attention to the mundane and unnoticed, highlighting fleeting moments of beauty.

Ildikó Buckley poignantly highlights everyday moments and traces of daily life, documented over the course of a year; Kathryn Martin's poetic and delicate 'Come see real flowers of this painful world' is an alternative daily record, documenting disregarded flowers along a walk; ‘Tale of Two Girls’ by Deepti Asthana is a tender archive of sisters escaping everyday routine to be in nature; Pippa Healy’s ‘The Lake’ is a hazy reflection of a meditative walk around Lake Altaussee in Austria; Hayley Lohn's ‘Daydream Translations’ examines the collective unconscious, fantasy and imagination through documented dreams; Paula Gortázar’s ‘The Rope’ slides between fiction and memory, offering surreal lived experiences.

Starting with delicate images documenting the ephemera of the everyday, this trail slips into dream worlds, uncoupling reality and weaving through fiction.

Angelica Sule is a curator and writer currently working at Site Gallery. Supporting and platforming underrepresented artists is at the core of her curatorial practice, which focuses on connections between people, science fiction, touch, empathy, community, collaboration, labour and intersectionality. She previously worked at Nottingham Contemporary and completed the Young Curators Residency Programme at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in 2015.